How do I send a broadcast email?

To send a broadcast email, simply login to your 1shoppingcart account, and click on the "send a broadcast" on the home page.

On the next screen, you'll enter your basic email information such as your "from name", "from email" in subject line. You can personalize the subject line by choosing to include a merge code to merge in the person's name or other personal info.

You can also choose to enable link tracking as well as a "view in browser" link. Remember for your "from email" it's best to use your own branded email address and not a free email account such as AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

On the "design" page, you'll add your email content whether it's a simple text email, and HTML email or MIME. You can create the email from scratch or load a template. Within the content of the email you can also choose to merge and personal details of the person receiving the email. Just use the "merge data" option and pick the info you'd like to merge in.

On the "recipients" page, you select exactly who you want to receive this broadcast email. You can narrow this down by the entire database, a certain save segment, people who are subscribed to certain Autoresponders, and more. Make sure to use the right arrow to move your selected group to the right side of the screen.

Optionally, you can also select certain groups of people to not receive this broadcast. If you want to see a specific list of people, it's best to start in the "manage contacts" area.


On the "send" page, you'll see the current settings of your broadcasts including the number of recipients who are set to receive it. Once you look over everything and it looks good, click on the "send" button.


The final step is to select if you want to send it now or in the future. If you hit now, it will be queued to send and usually goes out within about 10 minutes. If you choose later, then you can choose the date and time you like the broadcast to be sent in the future.

Alternatively, you can begin the broadcast process, from client search results in the "manage contacts" area. If you begin here, you have the power to individually remove contacts who you do not wish to receive this broadcast.


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