How can I manually add contacts into my database and subscribe them to autoresponders?

There are several ways for you to add contacts into the 1shop database and subscribe them to autoresponder campaigns. The easiest is to login to your 1Shoppingcart account and click on the "Add Contact" shortcut found on the dashboard.


Next, add your contact's info into the blank form that is displayed. Try to enter as much info as you have for the person you're adding in. You can skip the "Shipping Profile"



If you want to subscribe an autoresponder for this new contact, simply click on the "Autoresponders" tab. Please note, you'll first need to enter the person's name and email and hit "Save" in order for any of the other tabs to work.

Next, click on the "Subscribe to New Autoresponder" button

Now, choose the autoresponder you'd like to subscribe this contact to and hit the "Save" button and you're done!


Alternatively, most AS members have an "Add Client" page on their web hosting. This would have been generated for you when you were first setup with Amazing System. This allows you to add contacts without first needing to login to 1Shoppingcart. Your link would be something like this:



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    Jason Purdy

    I can't remember... Is there a daily limit for adding contacts either in 1shoppingcart or from add client page?

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    David Farr

    Yes, there is a limit but 1Shop doesn't publicly state what it is. If you go over, they will temporarily block your IP address from adding anymore contacts yourself until you explain where you're getting the emails from. People can still opt in from your sites normally however.

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