How can I import my existing clients into 1Shoppingcart and the Amazing System?

There are two ways to import your existing clients' information into your 1shop contact database.

  1. Add clients one by one through a web form or within 1shoppingcart
  2. Upload a spreadsheet with all of your clients' info into 1Shoppingcart

There are different things to consider with how you should approach adding previous clients info.

At first it would seem easiest/best to just import the spreadsheet, and it often is if you have a large list of contacts. However, there is a requirement by 1Shoppingcart that everyone that is uploaded via this method gets sent a "confirmation request" email.

In this email, it basically asks the contact permission to be added to the mailing list and it provides them with a special link to click to do so. If you choose to import a list in this fashion, everyone will have to receive this message.

If someone doesn't click the confirmation link, they're still inside your 1Shoppingcart but in an "inactive" state where they won't be able to receive any autoresponders or broadcasts (of course you can still send a manual email to them). You are able to search for unconfirmed people who then can be manually confirmed by adding them through a web form.

More good news is... you can customize what this message is and says. So for example, you can write a message stating your switching "email systems" and that you need them to click this link real quick to verify you have the correct email...

1Shoppingcart has stock messages that you can use but you're typically better of creating your own (although it will have to be approved by the folks at 1Shop). You can learn more and create your own custom opt in messages under "Email & Marketing" then "Email Setup" then "Opt In Preferences"

When you have your opt in message ready, to import your client list you'll need the spreadsheet in a certain format. You can download the sample spreadsheet attached to this article.

Finally, to upload the list you'll go to "Contacts" then "Import Contacts" and follow their import instructions.

If you don't want your existing clients to go through the opt in confirmation process, they'll need to be added manually, either inside 1Shoppingcart of through a web form. See this article for more info on adding contacts individually

How can I manually add contacts into my database and subscribe them to autoresponders?

Advanced Tip: what some AS members do is go for importing the whole list and hoping for the best. Give it a week or so for your list to confirm. A certain percentage of your list will confirm if they like and trust you. Then, go into 1shoppingcart contacts area and search for all of the contacts who haven't confirmed. Export that list as a .csv and open the spreadsheet. Manually add those people who haven't confirmed as this list will be much smaller than the original therefore not taking as long to do.


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