How do I accept payments with Amazing System?

There are several ways to incorporate online payments with your Amazing System. What many AS members choose to do is use PayPal. With PayPal, you can easily include a hyperlink in your autoresponder emails and/or website that let's them pay securely online using PayPal.

You can generate these special links and payment buttons inside PayPal. If you already have a PayPal account, you can also use this link sample, just make sure to put your email address associated with PayPal in the highlighted section.

You can use the above link in any autoresponder message or even on a thank you page on your website. So it could say something like:


Great! Now that you've confirmed Ashley's party details, it's now time to pay the deposit to finalize our booking. Please click here to securely pay with PayPal (no PayPal account required).



Another option is to upgrade your 1Shoppingcart account to include the integrated shopping cart system. The main benefit here is when people pay you, it can also subscribe and unsubscribe autoresponders. This is nice for automation purposes.

For example, you could have an autoresponder campaign with the goal of making them pay their deposit.

On day 0, you thank them for choosing your company and ask them to pay their deposit. The next day, if they still haven't paid, a reminder email can go to them explaining the deposit needs to be paid to confirm their booking.

If they still don't book, they get another reminder the very next day stating this is their last chance to pay their deposit and lock in their date otherwise it will be released.

Finally, on day 4, you are sent a notification stating that "Mary Smith hasn't paid deposit for May 21st booking".

That's the full campaign if they never pay their deposit. Now let's assume they pay their deposit and when they do, it not only subscribes them to a "thank you for paying your deposit" autoresponder it also unsubscribes them from the original campaign with all of the reminders every day. So as soon as they pay, that will cancel any follow ups they would have received going forward, including your final notification that they didn't pay.

That is the beauty of having the integrated shopping cart and why I do believe it's worth the monthly upgrade.

Using the PayPal only option listed at the beginning of ths article won't be integrated with autoresponders so you wouldn't be able to use the follow up campaign laid out above.

To upgrade your 1Shoppingcart account to allow for the integrated shopping cart and online payment system, login to your account and click on "my account" then "renew/upgrade"



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