How do I create a new web form?

You generate new forms inside your 1Shoppingcart account. Click on "Email & Marketing" and then "Web Forms"

Next you'll see your list of saved forms if you've used this wizard before. You can choose to modify an existing form, or simply create a new one by clicking on "Create New"

On the form details page, it's important to give your form a name and description. This if for your own internal purposes to help you remember what each form is for. Your contacts won't see this.

For most people, you can leave the "repeat sign ups" and "captcha" how they are.

We do recommend using the "Signup Notifications" option. This will send you a system notification (New Subscriber) that will let you know someone filled out the form. This is independent of the autoresponder which you may have setup to notify you as well.

On the "Subscriptions" tab, you'll choose the autoresponder you'd like to be subscribed when someone fills out this form. This could be an e-promo-kit campaign, a thank you for booking campaign, etc.

Type the number 0 in the Day field and hit "next"

The next tab is the "Fields" tab where you will select which questions you are asking on  your form. Email is always required to be on every form. You can easily make a field required by checking the checkbox next to it. If the person filling in the form forgets a required field, they will be prompted to fill it in. See this silent video:


On the "Design" tab, you'll be able to customize all elements of your form, down to the width, color of the button and what you want it to say.

Next, on the "Confirmation & Save" tab, you'll choose where you want the person filling out the form to arrive after hitting the submit button. This is generally called the thank you page because iit is a page that thanks them for filling out the form. Depending on what this form is for, it could also be an e-promo-kit page you've setup. After you've provided your thank you page URL, click the "save" button.

Congratulations! Your new form is now ready to be embedded on your website. Simply open the page you want the form on and copy and paste the line of code provided by 1shoppingcart into the code side of the page. Or just have your webmaster do it for you if you don't control your own site.


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