How do I test my autoresponders?

There are two ways to test your autoresponder campaigns (which is good to do on a regular basis)

  1. Subscribe yourself to the autoresponder campaign and wait for each message of the campaign to come in.
  2. Use the built in "test" function inside 1Shoppingcart.

With either method, your tests will be limited to the data you have in those contacts' records. So if your autoresponder message is going to merge in the date of the event, when you test it, make sure your test contact record has a sample date in that field otherwise the email will not be able to merge that in on your test.

Let's start with subscribing yourself to the autoresponder. You can do this either in the 1Shop contacts area or through a web form on your website. So if you already have a form created that subscribes the autoresponder you want to test, simply fill in the form with your info and look for the autoresponder that you should receive.

The downside to this method is that if your autoresponder campaign consists of messages that don't go out immediately, you'd have to wait in real time for those to come in. For example, let's say your autoresponder campaign sends an email on Day 0, Day 1, and Day 7. When you test, Day 0's message will come in right away but you'll have to wait a day for Day 1's. You'll have to wait a week for the Day 7 message.

A faster way to test is to use the built in test function inside the autoresponder area in 1Shoppingcart. After logging in, click on "email & marketing" then "autoresponders".

On your list of autoresponders, you can click on "test" which will send the entire campaign now

Additionally, you can also test individual messages as opposed to the entire campaign. Just click on the autoresponder with the message you'd like to test and click the "test" button next to message to be tested.


To setup or modify what email address you're using for your tests, go to "email & marketing" then "email setup"

Up to five email address can be entered separated by commas


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