How can I segment my contact lists?

There are many ways to segment your contact lists into sub-lists. You can search and segment your list by autoresponder subscription, tags assigned, date added into database, event types and more.


an easy way to segment lists is to create tags and assign them to your appropriate clients. For example, you could create a tag called "birthday clients" and assign this tag to all existing and new birthday clients that book you. When creating a form, you can have it automatically assign one or more tags when someone fills it out. You can also manually assign tags one person at a time or a group of people inside the contacts management area.
To create and manage your tags, simply login to 1shoppingcart, click on "contacts", then "manage tags".


Autoresponder subscriptions

another great way to segment your lists, is by the autoresponder's that a person is subscribed to. For example, with a quick search, you could bring up everyone who you've sent a certain e-promo-kit and announce a new related product or service.

Custom segments

 inside the "manage contacts" area, you can laser pinpoint certain groups and segments of people in your database. Start by clicking "contacts" then "manage contacts".
If it's not already, click the "custom segments" tab. Next, click the "create new" button.

Now you are presented with several types of information to search on, including contact details, autoresponder subscriptions, assigned tags, custom field info and more.

If you switch the first category, you'll see the other options change slightly. There are literally countless ways to narrow down and segment your lists.  Make sure to hit "save" after each criteria segment. A couple things to remember: you can have more than one search criteria bundled together. You also have the option to match any filter criteria or match all filter criteria.

So let's say I've assigned tags to clients I've worked with. All of my grad party clients were assigned "2014 all night grads" and then also assigned a tag to represent which school they were part of.

So the above example will show search results that contain all of my 2014 all night grad clients except Osseo high school.

 If this is something you'll be searching for often, I recommend you save the segment for future use. You can do that by simply clicking on the "save segment" button.


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