My autoresponder notification emails aren't getting to me! How come?

There are a few potential reasons why you're not receiving your autoresponders. We need to narrow down where the problem is.

The first and most common is your spam filter is catching it and not delivering it to you. So first and foremost, check your spam settings and your bulk email folder. If it's in there, make sure to mark it as "not spam".

If that's not it, go into your 1Shop account and find the autoresponder that is supposed to be going to you. Click the message in the autoresponder that goes to you and find the "alternate destination" field.

Make sure the email address listed for you there is correct. Try sending a manual test email to that address to make sure it's working in general. Also, make sure there are no extra empty spaces before or after the email address, as this can mess things up as well.

If you still are having problems, try using a different "alternate email address" from an alternate provider. If the autoresponder emails show up there fine, that means that either you or your ISP/mail provider is blocking the email at the server level making it not showing in your email spam folder on the original.

Another thing to check is to make sure the client in question is eligible to receive email (even if the email is going to you using the alternate destination). If this setting is at no, no emails can be sent based on that client. You can manually add them again but you'll need to add their info back into your system through one of your webforms. This setting is listed on the "Contact Details" of page of all of your clients. View a client's details page and it's listed there...

Finally, try a different "from email" in your autoresponder settings. We typically find it's best to have your own branded email address (like instead of So if your "from email" is a free email address like yahoo, gmail, hotmail, msn, etc, try using a different branded email address which you can usually get for free from your hosting company. Something like

If none of the above helps make the email show up, please submit a support request and include the name of the autoresponder and your current 1Shop login info so we can take a closer look.


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