How I can edit or view an autoresponder that already exists?

Simply login to your 1Shop account, click on the "autoresponders" shortcut on the main dashboard.

Find the autoresponder that you wish to edit or view. You may have to scroll from page to page or simply just search for it using the "campaign name" search box. Click the name of the autoresponder to edit/view the messages and settings.

Next, click on the "messages" tab.

On this screen, your email messages that are part of this campaign, will be listed. Click on "edit" to edit or view a particular email message template that is a part of this autoresponder campaign.

You'll be brought to the settings page of this particular email message. To edit or view the email template, simply click on "design".

Next, edit your message based on if it is "text" or "HTML" or both. When done editing your template, simply hit the "save message" button in the lower right-hand corner. If you don't want to save your changes, simply hit the "back" button in the lower left-hand corner.


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