Alternate Destination VS From Email, What's the difference?

"Alternate Destination" and "From Email" are both terms we use when working with autoresponders.

These two are often confused so let's explain what each does.

The "From Email" is the email address you want your autoresponder or broadcast email to look like it's coming from. So even though the email isn't really coming from your email (it's being generated in 1Shoppingcart), it appears as if it came from that email. It's also the email address that the recipient would end up replying to if they hit the "reply" button in their email.

You control the "from email" settings on the campaign settings page of each autoresponder campaign.

The "From Email" is a required setting for each and every autoresponder campaign and is best if it is a self hosted email address, not a free email account i.e Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

The "Alternate Destination" allows you to send this particular message within this campaign to yourself. By default, all autoresponder messages at first are set to go to the contact. You can change this on the settings page on each autoresponder message.


Simply click on the "alternate destination" option and type in your email address where you want this message to go to. 

Keep in mind the message can still merge in personal data from the person subscribed so this is a great way to share the info with a business partner, employee, third party service etc either immediately or throughout the campaign.

For example, let's say someone requests info from me and I want to automate notifying my assistant to call and follow up with a prospect 3 days after they requested the info.

On Day 3 of the autoresponder campaign, I would create an autoresponder message that went to my assistant and instructed them to call the client and follow up. This notification email can merge in the client's details so right from the email, your assistant can get all the info he needs to make the phone call, including the prospect's name and phone number.



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