How can I tell which autoresponders a contact is subscribed to?

You can easily tell which autoresponders a contact is subscribed to by simply logging into 1Shoppingcart and finding the contact in your database. On the homepage, the lower left side of the screen will be a contact search box. You can search by the person's name or email in this box. Hit "Search"

On the search results page, find the contact you're looking for and click on their name to open up full details.

Next, click on the "Autoresponders" tab.

Here it will display each autoresponder the contact is subscribed to, what date they were subscribed and the option to remove the subscription.

Bonus Tip: another way to see which autoresponder campaigns someone is subscribed to is by looking at the "remove" link at the bottom of any autoresponder message associated with that contact. Clicking this link doesn't unsubscribe the contact but it allows you to see which autoresponders they are subscribed to. People often respond to your autoresponders, when they do, the remove link will be at the very bottom making it convenient for you to click on to see which autoresponders that contact is on currently.

Please note: if you choose to use the unsubscribe options on this page for a contact, they will receive a notification. If you don't want them notified that you unsubscribed them, then it's better to unsubscribe inside 1Shoppingcart.



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