How do I create a new autoresponder campaign?

It's easy! Simply login to 1Shoppingcart. Click on autoresponders on the homepage.

Now click on the "Create New" button

Now, give the new autoresponder a name for your own reference. Optionally you can also provide a description and category to help clarify what the autoresponder campaign is all about. Type in your "From Name" and "From Email" which controls how your email appears in the recipients' inbox. Don't worry about the other settings now.

Hit the "Next" button and you'll be brought to the "opt in message" settings which only applies if you have "confirmed opt-in" turned on. You can safely skip this setting normally.

You'll now be prompted to create your first message as part of this campaign. Click the "add message" button.

Set the Day Delay to 0 which will send the message immediately when this autoresponder is subscribed. Type in your subject. If you want the autoresponder to be sent to the contact, leave it on the default setting. 

 On the "Design" tab, you'll need to decide if it's going to be a text or HTML email message. Compose your message and when complete click the "Save Message" button in the lower right of the screen.

On the "Unsubscribe From" tab, you can select to unsubscribe another autoresponder when this one is subscribed. This is an optional advanced feature. 

On the "summary" tab, you'll see a high level overview of this particular campaign. 

When you're ready, hit the "Finish" button at the bottom right of the page to save this autoresponder campaign.


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