Thank you/e-promo-kit page not merging client details

With our Amazing System WordPress plugin, in order for the WordPress page to merge client data, in the form thank you URL settings, you have to add .php to the end of the URL of the page.

So if your e-promo-kit page is:

You would need to add .php so it would look like this:

(please note: you leave the trailing slash at the end of the URL and then the ".php")

That is what you need to put for the thank you URL when creating the form

And then on the resulting thank you page (your e-promo-kit), you'll need to use the proper merge codes to make their name and other details appear.

For example, to make their firstname appear on your e-promo-kit, you would need to add this merge code to your e-promo-kit page: [as what=firstname"]

Learn more about merge codes in our members area on the "Merge Codes" Tutorial page



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