HELP! My form is getting spammed all the time!

Form spam can be not only annoying to you but it can also harm your email deliverability. It's to your advantage to block these annoying spammers so they stop filling out your forms with bogus info.

There are several methods you can employ to put a stop to these annoyances.

The first thing to know is that when anyone fills out any of your web forms, the IP address is captured inside your 1Shoppingcart account.

If you simply find the spammer in the contact management area, you'll be able to block both their email address and their IP address.

Keep in mind, if you only block their email address, this doesn't stop them from spamming your form again with simply a different email address. For this reason, it's recommended you also block their IP address in 1Shoppingcart.

The good news is this is incredibly easy to do. Simply login to 1Shoppingcart and click on "Contacts" and then "Manage Contacts"

Paste in the spammers email address or type in their name to bring up their contact record. Once inside their contact record details, you'll see the option to "Block Email Address" right underneath their email address.

To block their IP address inside 1Shoppingcart, you'll need to click on the "Details" tab in their contact profile. There, you'll see their original and latest IP addresses listed (which you'll use later to block them from visiting your website in the first place). Most likely they're the same. Click on "Block IP Address" and they'll no longer be able to fill out any of your web forms, even with a different email address.


Additionally, it's recommended that you block them from being able to visit your website at all. You can do this numerous ways however it may require the assistance of your web host.

If you have a cPanel hosting account, you can use the "IP Blocker" tool. Simply paste in the IP address (listed in the spammer's contact record in your 1Shoppingcart "Manage Contacts" area).


If you have a WordPress website with WordFence installed, you use WordFence to block the IP addresses. In the left menu bar, click on "WordFence" then "Blocked IPs" and paste in the IP address there.


There are numerous other ways to block an IP address from being able to access your website. Please consult with your web host for complete details.


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